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            ¡ô About XiTong

            Wuxi Xitong Technology Group Limited Company is a private high-tech enterprise group, mainly engaged in road building and maintenance machinery developing and manufacturing, highway engineering construction and international trade. Now, it consists of 7 subsidiaries: Wuxi Xitong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuxi Xitong Bonadi Road-Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuxi Xitong Road Construction Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., Wuxi Xitong Road & Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd., Wuxi Lvhu New Material Co., Ltd., Wuxi Mcrot Motor Co., Ltd., Wuxi Xizhou Heating Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
            The Group¡¯s registered capital is 80 million RMB, the total asset is nearly 500 million RMB and the turnover reaches 800 million RMB. The Group has a staff of 800, including more than 300 professionals and technical personnel, and 90 senior engineers.
            The Group relies on scientific research institutions to attract talents actively and to enhance its independent innovation capability by the establishment of the Academy of Sciences Workstation in 2009.
            The core company, Wuxi Xitong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 1986, has been committed to road building and maintenance machinery developing and manufacturing. We have successfully developed series of asphalt mixing equipments and relevant supporting machinery products. The core technologies of the leading products, Asphalt Mixing Plant, have earned the property rights. Now there are five items of State-level New Products, more than 55 items with utility model patents, 18 items with development patents, and 1 item with the software copyright.
            In 2003, Xitong independently developed the QLB-4000 Asphalt Mixing Plant firstly in China and ZSLQ series of Recycled Asphalt Equipment. In 2005, Xitong independently developed the QLB-5000 Asphalt Mixing Plant firstly in China once again. In 2008, Xitong developed the internationally advanced QLB-H series of Environmental Protection type Asphalt Mixing Plant and QLB-Y Mobile Asphalt Mixing Equipment.
            Absorbing experience and technology in development of over one thousand asphalt mixing plants, Xitong pioneered to create YBSJ series of Dry Mortar Mixing Equipment in 2010.
            In 2013, Xitong launched dust-free, smoke-free, odorless QLB-H series of Fully Environmental Protection type Asphalt Mixing Plant.
            In 2014, Hot In-place Asphalt Recycling Equipment was successfully tested on JINGFU Highway (Jiawang-Xuzhoudong).
            The Group has been approved as one of ¡°Jiangsu High-Tech Enterprises¡± for 12 years. Asphalt Mixing Plant series products were honored ¡°Famous Brand in Jiangsu Province¡± and Xitong was also approved as ¡°Jiangsu Famous Trademark¡±.
            During over 20 years, the Group adheres to the entrepreneurial spirit of ¡°Self-innovation, Pragmatism and Efficiency¡±, the business philosophy of ¡°Excellent quality, User-oriented, extremely Honest and Reputation-based¡± to get a rapid, healthy and sustainable development.
            Looking to the future, Xitong Group hopes to cooperate with you sincerely to create a brilliant future together.

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